What is Your Spirit Animal?

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If you are following my artwork, I’m going to take a guess that you are someone who loves art, animals, and nature!  Or maybe you are reading this because you are curious about what I am up to. Either way, I’m glad you are taking the time to look at this.  

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been working a lot on my “Spirit Animal” series. These are mainly acrylic on canvas and range from 8 x 10” to 40x40”.

I’ve really loved working on these and people seem to be drawn to these "Spirit Animal" paintings. I've had people contact me, knowing exactly what kind of animal they would like. . Other people like my work, but are not exactly sure what they want.

Something I’ve been asked is:

“how do I know what my Spirit Animal is?” 

Maybe a bird?

Maybe a bird?


Now, I am an not an expert. From what I have read, there are many ways that a “Spirit Animal” can be found, such as meditating, remembering dreams, and observing animals in nature.

Maybe your own definition of a spirit animal is just an animal that you really, really like.

I have also heard that a spirit animal can be seen as a representation of the traits and skills that you are supposed to learn or have.  I like that definition!

Here are a few ways of looking at how you might decide what your spirit animal is:

Do certain animals show up in your dreams?


8 x 10" SOLD

8 x 10" SOLD

I've written about this before, about bears always showing up in my dreams when I was a teenager. I was always running away from them, but the dreams stopped once I confronted it by looking it in the eyes. Because of this, I have a deep respect for them and I have at least one bear painting that I keep in my home. So, you may try paying attention to your dreams and see what shows up!

Are there any animals that make you feel happy/calm/peaceful?

16 x 20" Watercolour, Available

16 x 20" Watercolour, Available

One animal that makes me feel really happy is otters! They are completely adorable and also remind me of a movie I loved as a kid "Ring of Bright Water". Has anyone else seen that movie?

If I think of a time that I am completely in the moment and feel free, it is when I’m swimming at the lake. I imagine what it’s like to actually be an otter, with no worries in the world. To feel playful and happy. Of course, this is only my imagination, but it is fun to wonder.  I painted this to try to capture that feeling. When I look at this painting, I immediately feel less worried and feel more calm and creative.

Are there any animals that make you feel this way?

Are there certain animals that seem to be popping up just when you need them?


8 x 10" Sold

8 x 10" Sold

I remember one time, about ten years ago,  I was feeling really upset and I took off in my kayak. I stopped at a small island and walked along the rocks and was crying. Then, I noticed right in front of me, on top of a fallen tree was the most perfect eagle's feather that I have ever seen.   I picked it up and it was a sense of calm and strength to feel the air under the feather when it is was in my hand.

I framed this feather and gave it away as a gift when my cousin moved to Calgary because I wanted her to feel a sense of peace and strength about her move. I have found dozens of eagle feathers since, but none have been as beautiful or meaningful as that one. I always feel a sense of peace when I'm watching an eagle fly and they show up a lot in my paintings! I collect eagle feathers and often give them as gifts with my paintings.

Detail of "Listen Softly" 40 x 40" Available

Detail of "Listen Softly" 40 x 40" Available

Another creature that I love seeing are owls. One is often sitting on my roof and I hear it while I’m painting early in the morning before the sun rises. Sometimes I have trouble sleeping so I’ll go paint I say that I’m “up with the owls”. It feels very peaceful to hear them. I love how they represent wisdom and there is something just mysterious about them.

Remembering Loved Ones

I have to say that some of the most meaningful custom paintings I have created have been in remembrance of a person.  A few have been related to a person who has passed. Others have been an animal that simply reminded a person of someone that they love, like a dragonfly, ladybug or hawk.

I always feel so happy to know that a painting of mine can mean something so special to someone else. It really is a privilege for me!

16 x 20" Sold

16 x 20" Sold

I think it is so interesting to see which animals people relate to and why. I’m always curious to know. I've asked on Facebook about which you think your Spirit Animal is.

Now I'm curious to know the reason why. you relate to a certain animal. If you feel comfortable:

Please leave a comment here or send me a message about your Spirit Animal and why you relate to this animal.

Also, Check the Gallery page if you'd like to see which paintings are available. I am always happy to do custom paintings too!

Thank you so much for reading!

Stephanie McGregor