Penny and Rusty

In my last blog post (Stephanie & Salukis), I asked for stories about how all of you found your dogs. Daria wrote about she gave a home to four dogs in need. I did an illustration of two of Daria's dogs, Penny and Rusty. Here is Daria's story:

Daria's Story

I've had 4 dogs now and they've all been rescue. Penny (a shepherd mix) was my first rescue. I was living in Cleveland and I had just bought a house....with the sole purpose of being able to finally have a dog.

Two weeks after I moved in, I went to the Cleveland ASPCA with a friend of mine. My friend was wandering all the rows of dogs and she kept saying come and see this one, or you should totally pick this one. I had walked into the dog area and my feet felt like they were in cement. I couldn't walk any further than the first kennel. I couldn't move, I couldn't walk by all the kennels and just pick one. My heart was breaking seeing all those dogs in need of a good home. Penny was in that very first kennel. She was sitting quietly at the back of the kennel just looking. She looked so sad. I burst into tears and stuttered out that I was taking this one as I pointed to Penny. By the time I left I had all of the staff in tears as I was sobbing into Penny's coat. Fast forward a year and Penny and I were at the annual Humane Society walk.

Penny found Rusty and it was love at first sight. He was a great big orange dog who turned out to be a rottweiler/golden mix; he had an adopt me sign on him. Penny and I didn't stand a chance, we left that walk with Rusty in tow. They were the best of friends. They both lived long lives, Rusty was 14 when he passed and Penny made it to the ripe old age of 16. Not a day goes by that I don't miss those two! Now I have 2 more rescues in my life; Roxy and Sam.


Thanks Daria, for sharing your story about your dogs!